Er.S.Jeyaram, CEO-Six Elements welcoming and honouring the Chief Guest Er.S.Ramalingam, a reputed - Environment Professional, former Chairman of CPCL, Manali & National President, ENFUSE Chennai.

   Er.S.Jeyaram,CEO welcoming and honouring our Advisor E r.M.N.Thippeswamy,
an Internationally Reputed water & wastewater expert, former Chief Engineer, BWSSB-Bangalore.

Water in Vedas :

The nature of water described in the ancient Indian scripture Rig-Veda translates as:

‘The waters which are from heaven
and which flow after being dug,
and even those that spring by themselves,
the bright pure waters which lead to the sea,
may those divine waters protect me here’.

Our ancestors were apt with the art and science of water. Since respecting the Nature was inborn, water was considered divine. Rig-Veda is full of ‘shlokas’ in praise of Water, Sun and Air, the three essentials of our environment.

Process Flow Diagram For an Innovative Nitrification-Denitrification and Phosphate removal.


1.Anaerobic P-release
3.Fixed-flim nitrification
4.Denitrification combinede with P-uptake
6.Final settler

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Six Elements

There are only FIVE ELEMENTS of nature viz. EARTH, AIR, WATER, FIRE and SPACE. The sixth element is SUPREME ALMIGHTY creating, operating, and maintaining all these elements. Environmental Engineering and Science is a tool given to all of us for understanding  the behavior and importance of these FIVE ELEMENTS to live in parallel with nature. To know more about five elements,..
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